All about me

Me in Japan back in 2018

The career stuff

I started working as a front-end developer in 2011, after completing an introductory course in London. I've worked for a variety of employers, from a start-up building and launching their product, to one of the big four financial institutions, where I worked on the development of a complex product used by millions of people.

Alongside my technical work, I'm passionate about supporting colleagues. I have presented several lunch and learn talks, lightning talks, and written and delivered interactive workshops. I actively mentor and coach colleagues in their own journeys, and find supporting others hugely rewarding. I have taken on other supporting roles, such as being a mental health advocate, and teaching young girls beginner skills in HTML and CSS.

In 2021, I was promoted to a senior position, thus demonstrating my progress over my career. I aim to continue this trajectory as I take on more challenging roles and create products I am proud to be a part of.

The tech stuff

During my career I have developed experience in working with an extensive range of technologies. These are some of the most notable technologies I have worked with:

  • JavaScript and TypeScript, including but not limited to:
    • React, including a wide range of React plugins for features like routing and state management
    • SSR frameworks, such as Next.js and Gatsby
    • SSG frameworks, such as Astro (which this very website uses!)
    • Other popular frameworks, such as Svelte and Angular.js
    • jQuery
  • CSS:
    • CSS-in-JS tools, such as Styled Components
    • Pre-processors, such as SCSS and LESS
    • Post-processors, such as PostCSS
    • Utilising tools like Bootstrap and Tailwind
  • Testing:
    • Unit testing, particularly with Jest and tools like React Testing Library and Enzyme
    • Integration and e2e tests, particularly with Cypress
  • Node.js RESTful APIs

There are also a wide range of technologies I have tried out in my spare time, from using Django to write an RSVP website for my wedding, to trying out Swift and Swift UI to build a quick iOS app.

The personal stuff

I currently live in Edinburgh, with my wife and our 4-year-old daughter. I'm originally from Hornchurch, a town on the outskirts of London, but always had an ambition to move northwards.

I have a huge passion for sports – I've supported West Ham since I was a child, and I also play 5-a-side with a group of friends each week. I currently run once a week, with the aim of completing a 10k.

Outside of sport, I spend a great deal of time managing my finances. I love helping others with this, and over the years I've developed some great tips and tricks for saving money – between looking after a house and a child, these have come in very handy!